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4/3/14 Rainbow update
3/25/14 and 3/27/14

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new update 3/26/14

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Northern Division


March 26, 2014 - ARGA and the Union met for their second bargaining session. Both sides had a good discussion on several items with health care being the biggest subject.

The Employers made it clear that they are not pleading poverty. We did reach some tentative agreements. The Employers started off the morning on our proposal which was short and sweet. We have a tentative agreement to change the Local number from 1116 to 1189.  The rest of our proposals are economic issues which the Employers said they want to get all non-economic issues off the table first.

Additional dates have been scheduled with the Employers on April 15-16, May 12-13, and June 2-3 have also been scheduled for negotiations. Contract extension letters have been signed by all AGRA Employers and Local 1189.

The following document contains a complete summary of the session .   ARGA_3_26_14

REMEMBER all tentative agreements are tentative agreements. Some items have been withdrawn BUT both sides have several items open and we will continue to negotiate.


Initial proposals from the Union and the Employer are listed below: 


Negotiations with ARGA (Arrowhead Retail Grocers Alliance) began on Wednesday, February 26 th
Both the initial Union and Employer proposals are posted:

Union Meat Proposal - - - - -

Union Grocery Proposal

Employer Meat Proposal -- - --

Employer Grocery Proposal

Parties exchanged proposals and agreed to again meet on March 26 th , April 15 and 16. No proposals were agree upon and there is much work to be done related to our health insurance plan.  The employers health care proposal mirrors their obligation under the ACA, but our current plan is better than the law requires.  Our union health care proposal reflects the ongoing cost increases needed to maintain our current benefits. We will again update as bargaining continues…..

Southern Division
St. Paul Retail Meat and Grocery

We are currently working with Federal Mediation to get bargaining dates on the calendar.  As of today, there are two groups of employers willing to begin negotiations sitting together.  Lunds/Byerlys, Kowalski's and Jerrys have indicated they will initially sit together in convenience bargaining.  Corporate Cub, Rainbow and Festival have also expressed interest in sitting together.  We are looking at dates toward the middle and end of March for both groups.  Once dates have been confirmed, we will again send out an update.

Don Seaquist, President
UFCW Local 1189

Mega Foods Update

The Union and the Company have met regularly since January 16, 2014. The majority of the bargaining seesions have been spent discussing language changes to the contract as a result of the ACA (the Affordable Care Act) and the impact it might have on members, schedules and classifications. The Union is working to ensure that members have adequate language in the Agreement to protect jobs, clarify seniority, and ensure our members have hours before non-members are scheduled to work. The Employer and the Union have been making progress on improving the language in the contract, making it more readable and easier for both the Managment and our members to understand.Economic (wages etc) issues have not yet been discussed beyond initial proposas by the Union. Future negotiation dates are set for March 7 and March 14, 2014.Jennifer Christensen
Secretary Treasurer UFCW 1189

Ogle's Marketplace (Johanneson's)

4/7/14 The parties met again today, April 7, 2014. At the table for the Employer were George Stunyo, Attorney, Jason Arnold, HR and Kurt Ogle, Store Director. For the Union were Joyce Berglund, Union Representative, Al Priolo, Union Representative, Linda Karnes, Cashier and Peggy Prestidge, Service Counter/Cashier.

The Employer asked the Union to explain the rationale behind their proposals. We did that.

The Union then asked the Employer (twice) to do the same. They declined, saying "The document speaks for itself" and wanted to conclude for the day.

If any of you are keeping track of the retail bargaining taking place, you may have noticed the Employer's proposals from Johanneson's are nearly identical to those of the Employers from ARGA. There are Employer proposals that don't even pertain to your contract. Perhaps they couldn't explain their proposals today because they don't know why ARGA was proposing them in the first place. One can only guess.

We are not scheduled to meet again until May 5 and 6, 2014. Hopefully we will have Darlene Voltin, Federal Mediator, at the table next time (she was ill today.) We'll keep you posted.


3/10/14 The Union and the Employer met on March 10, 2014 to exchange proposals. No further dates for negotiations have been set.


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