UFCW 1189 is committed to helping our members obtain affordable health insurance coverage. We have entered into an agreement with Health Access MN to help you determine what health insurance programs are best suited for you. We have scheduled a number of events for members who are looking for new or more affordable health care options because they are ineligible for insurance through the Union's or their employer's health care plan.

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Congratulations to the workers at Valley View in Houston MN for voting overwhelmingly in favor of their Union UFCW1189! 39(thirty nine) YES votes. 0(zero)NO votes. (three ballots were challenged and remained uncounted as they would not affect the outcome of the election).  Workers stood together to make their workplace better for the workers and for their residents.  Standing together, the members were able to defeat the anti-union campaign waged by their employer.  The Union has filed multiple charges against the facility for violating the workers' rights.

LPNs at St Mark's in Austin will vote on a proposed contract settlement on Wednesday November 12, 2014 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm at the facility in the “Bistro.” Members will vote on an 8 1/2% wage increase (over three years), ratification bonus and language improvements to your contract: 3 year term of Agreement from 10/1/14 – 9/30/17 Wage increases (all scales and wage rates): 10/1/14 2½ % and a Ratification Bonus (one time) $400 for full-time employees, $200 for part-time employees 10/1/15 3% 10/1/16 3% Change second paragraph of 2.1 to read: All LPN’s hired or scheduled to work in the new

The negotiating team at Lake View Hospital in Two Harbors have reached a tentative agreement. Please come for the informational meeting and contract ratification on Wednesday, November 5, from 1-3pm in the back room at the American Legion in Two Harbors. 

UFCW Local 1189 members at Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet, Minnesota settled their contract on October 29. Key gains were a 4.5% increase over three years, an increase to the uniform allowance, on-call pay, and pharmacy tech premiums. In addition, there were no increases to the health insurance premiums. Congratulations on a job well done by both employer and the negotiating team!